Department of Homeland Security


DHS Just Finally Recognized White Nationalism as a Major Terror Threat

Its the first time the department has placed major emphasis on countering the threat of white nationalism coming from inside the U.S.


The Trump Administration Is Taking Millions Away from Emergency Response for More ICE Beds

Instead of getting congressional approval, DHS sent a notice saying the administration has the authority because of extraordinary circumstances.


The Number of Migrants Forced to Wait Out Their Cases in Mexico Exploded in July

The Trump administration expanded the policy to two additional cities


Mexico Is Tired of Trump’s Remain in Mexico Policy — And Finally Doing Something About It

Mexican officials are trying to limit the number of migrants sent back, according to an internal Department of Homeland Security Briefing obtained by BuzzFeed News.


The U.S. is sending new asylum seekers back to Mexico starting today, reports say

Thousands of migrants already waiting in Tijuana are suffering amid overcrowding and strained resources.


The 8-year-old boy who died in Border Patrol custody on Christmas Eve had the flu​

It’s still unclear, however, exactly what led to the 8-year-old’s sudden death.


Asylum seekers could be detained in Mexico for years under new immigration policy, DHS secretary says

One Democrat called the new policy a "gross violation of international law and of United States law."


U.S. border guards can't block asylum seekers heading to Canada

But if they're in the U.S. illegally, they can be detained.


Protesters Blasted Audio of Immigrant Kids Crying at Kirstjen Nielsen's House

Then chanted "shame" when she walked outside.


ICE just deported 25 Somalis who said they were physically and sexually abused in detention

The migrants, part of a group of 113 Africans set for deportation, boarded a plane in Texas on Thursday bound for South Sudan.


Trump aide fired over alleged financial crimes finds new job in Trump campaign

It's been a whirlwind day for John McEntee!


Seven states were hacked by Russians before the U.S. presidential election, report finds

Intelligence officials declined to inform any of the states beforehand