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Breaking Down Nicki Minaj’s Absurdly Outrageous Beats 1 Takeover

In typical fashion, the rapper provided blunt, often times ridiculous takes on her new album 'Queen.'
Jabbari Weekes
Kristin Corry
Lawrence Burney
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This Inspiring Desiigner Interview Is Like Your Childhood, but Way Better

"I got my man Squirtle, I got my man Bulbasaur."
Phil Witmer
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BTS Get Desiigner, of All People, to Run Riot on Their "MIC Drop" Remix

More "git-git-git" for your "grrrrrrrr-AH!"
Phil Witmer
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Get Uplifted by Mura Masa’s Video for “All Around the World” with Desiigner

This will make you want to book a plane to SoCal RN.
Daisy Jones
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Desiigner Kicks Back on His New Mura Masa "All Around The World" Feature

It's a chill appearance from the Brooklyn rapper.
Noisey UK Staff

Bill Nye Wants to Save the World and Make You Less Stupid, Too

The Science Guy talks about his new Netflix show, saluting Buzz Aldrin, and why going to Mars is potentially easier than we think.
Larry Fitzmaurice
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Desiigner's Three New Songs Will Take You Places

The Brooklyn native gives fans something to bump while he's on tour.
Lawrence Burney
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Tiesto, Migos, Porter Robinson, and More to Headline ÎleSoniq 2017

The biggest names in EDM and hip-hop take over Montreal's Parc Jean-Drapeau August 11-12.
Corinne Przybyslawski
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A Genius Turned Desiigner's Nardwuar Interview into a Beat That's Harder Than Diamonds

If Desiigner rapped on a beat made out of Desiigner sounds... We must go deeper.
Phil Witmer
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This Interview Between Desiigner and Nardwuar Is An Unstoppable Force Colliding With An Immovable Object

What have we done to deserve something this good?
Sarah MacDonald
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Be Inspired by Desiigner Breaking Weird World Records While Giving Off the Energy of a Dwarf Star

You will never get this excited to watch someone eat Jell-O with chopsticks.
Phil Witmer
Future Days

All New Music Is Bad (Except for Desiigner)

How the collective desire to consume everything all the time has made music fans not able to understand anything at all.
VICE Staff