I Make Dildos Out of Insect Penises

Artist Joey Holder spent four years 3D-printing human-scale dildos of tiny insect penis templates. So we spoke to her about it.
Hannah Pezzack
3 days ago
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How One Sex Toy Fucked an Entire Airport

Airport security somehow mistook it for a bomb.
Drew Schwartz

The Guy Who Put Dildos All Over the Wall Street Bull Explains Himself

And the Putin mask.
Alex Norcia

I Helped My 28-Year-Old Friend Have Her First Orgasm

It wasn't a Christmas miracle so much as a lesson in perseverance.
Laura Bell
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We Have Some Questions About This ‘Game of Thrones’ Dildo

Winter is cumming.
VICE Staff

This Dance Troupe Performs with Lasers in Their Butts

Young Boy Dancing Group's co-founder on challenging gender and sexuality with a laser in your anal sphincter.
Ali Gitlow

I Saw the Future of Sex Dolls and Butt Plugs at Germany's Largest Sex Convention

With more than 20,000 visitors and 400 exhibitions, shops, and fetish performances, Berlin's VENUS International Erotic Trade Fair is one of the biggest events of its kind.
Martina Cirese
first-person shooter

Photos of Artisanal Dildos at a Sexual Health Expo

In this installment of First-Person Shooter, we gave some disposable cameras to sex toy shop owner Zoë Ligon before she attended a sexual health expo in Brooklyn. At the convention, she snapped pics of silicon dicks, fancy vibrators, and stone-carved...
Julian Master

Buttplugs, Vials of Ketamine, and Other Things VICE Readers Keep in Their Bedside Drawers

We asked you guys to be honest and send us photos of the things you are ashamed of.
VICE Readers
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Meet the Dominatrix Trying to Take Down Donald Trump

She's launched a campaign to shame the Republican presidential candidate with 1,000 tiny dildos.
Alison Segal

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump claims the presidential election will be "rigged," new Zika cases in Miami prompt a travel warning, Warren Buffett challenges Trump to a tax duel, and more.
Vice Beta
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Ted Cruz Once Fought to Keep Dildos Illegal in Texas

Before he was a Texas senator and Tea Party champion, Ted Cruz battled the dildo lobby as Texas solicitor general.
Helen Donahue