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John Waters Remembers 'Multiple Maniacs,' His LSD-Fueled Cavalcade of Perversion

A restored version of the film—which features puke-eating, lobster sex, a rosary dildo, loads of drugs, and an unforgettable performance by Divine—is out today.


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'Female Trouble' Was the Film That I Didn't Need to Have an Ordinary Life

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John Waters's Cavalcade of Perversions

In recognition of how thoroughly Waters has gotten under the world’s skin, the Lincoln Center hosted "Fifty Years Of John Waters: How Much Can You Take?" a 12-film retrospective of his life’s work. We managed to speak to him while we were there.


John Waters Still Loves Justin Bieber

John Waters has been offending audiences for 50 years, but he doesn’t plan to stop shocking the world anytime soon, so I called him to talk about his new book, Grindr, and Justin Bieber.


Divine Was the Judi Dench of Drag Queens

When the drag queen Divine ate dog shit at the end of John Waters’s Pink Flamingos, he knew he was participating in a great publicity stunt. What he didn’t know was he was about to become an icon of American culture.


John Waters Is Doing a Live Christmas Show and I Interviewed Him

John Waters is one of my favorite filmmakers, writers, and speakers. Every time he says or does anything I think, "Wow, you are so smart and fun and I agree with everything you say. I love you."