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Sleep Deprivation Can Be a Weapon in the Hands of an Abusive Partner

Unlike other types of physical abuse, sleep deprivation doesn’t leave a mark.
Kimberly Lawson

Twitter Pushed Adverts for Spyware to Monitor Girlfriends

The app heavily suggested spying on a girlfriend without her consent.
Joseph Cox

Fortnite Gamer Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting Girlfriend on Livestream

Other gamers called the police after witnessing the incident.
Gavin Butler
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Half of Canadians killed by domestic violence belong to vulnerable groups

Racism and remoteness are barriers to getting help, new report says
Hilary Beaumont
domestic violence

Kareem Hunt and a Sports World that Ignores Domestic Violence Victims

Sports culture still does not see the female victims of star male athletes as valuable—and it shows.
Britni De La Cretaz
Clare's Law

Saskatchewan introduces 'Clare's Law' to prevent domestic violence

New legislation will allow people to request information about their partner’s violent past
Hilary Beaumont
Noisey News

Full Transcript of XXXTentacion Domestic Abuse Recording Released

The full recording captures the late controversial rapper admitting to instances of violence and domestic abuse and discussing his struggles with suicidal thoughts and trauma.
Andrea Domanick
Brett Kavanaugh

Where the Idea of False Rape Accusations Really Comes From

Donald Trump and his Adult Son keep trying to foment a #MeToo backlash. Shocker: They're lying.
Sonja Sharp

Domestic violence and gang victims will now be turned away at the border, report says

"Our laws do not offer protection against instances of violence based on personal, private conflict," the new instructions from the DOJ say.
Carter Sherman

The Blue Jays Will Show Us How Much They Value Roberto Osuna's Arm

Sports teams often value on-field production above all else. But will Toronto welcome back Osuna, who was suspended 75 games for violating MLB's domestic violence policy?
Drew Fairservice

The Most Notable Part of ‘NASIR’ Is What Nas Didn’t Address

On the rap icon's newest album, he fails to address allegations of abuse from his ex-wife and singer Kelis.
Kristin Corry
Lawrence Burney
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Why Brutal Domestic Violence Is Dismissed as 'Role Play'

Disgraced ex-NY attorney general Eric Schneiderman masqueraded as feminist and suggested he just liked weird sex. Neither was the truth.
Sonja Sharp