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2 days ago

Taking Advantage of Family Connections Is a Bipartisan American Tradition

Political scions in both parties have long abused their power.

2 days ago

Don Jr. Has Thoughts on What It's Like to Be Owned by Your Father

“When you’re the father and your son’s entire career is dependent on that, they own you,” Trump Jr. said, referring to Joe and Hunter Biden.


The White House is Very Sorry About That Fake Video of Trump Mass Murdering the Media

The video was played at a pro-Trump conference that was held at a Trump property. The White House says it had nothing to do with it.


Don Jr. Made a #MeToo Joke Last Night to Warm Up the Crowd for His Dad

“Kimberly, do you think the media is going to sue me for harassment since i just gave you a little kiss?”


Welp, It’s Still Fine to Solicit ‘Dirt’ From a Foreign Government in U.S. Elections

The FEC doesn't even have enough people to implement key reforms to prevent the abuses of 2016.


Alabama Democrat’s Take on Abortion Law: “Some Kids Are Unwanted, so You Kill Them Now or You Kill Them Later”

His comments have the Right, including Donald Trump Jr., freaking out.


Federal Prison Inmates Told Us Why Mueller Totally Blew It

"If there’s still someone out there who don't think that our so-called justice system is a shame, then you high as fuck."


Mueller is investigating Ivanka and Don Jr.'s roles in Trump Tower Moscow

Had the tower gone up, records show, Ivanka would have had sole discretion over the building's spa and gym.


Trump really just said it's a "very scary time" to be a man in America

“It is a very scary situation where you are guilty until proven innocent,” said Trump, who once called for five teenagers to get the death penalty for a crime for which they were later exonerated.


The Kavanaugh Hearing Has Donald Trump Jr. Afraid for His Sons

The president's son again demonstrates that he has no idea what he's talking about.


Please Enjoy This Photo of Don Jr. Submerged in a Literal Swamp

Prepare your dumbest jokes.


Donald Trump Jr.’s Instagram Is a Shakespearean Tragedy

The president's eldest son posts memes of his dad, asks followers if he should keep his beard, and always reads the comments.