In Praise of Adam Duvall, Baseball's Last True Galoot

Not long ago, baseball was full of beefy swing-and-miss mashers. While the league is newly tolerant of strikeouts, the old-school galoot is an endangered species.
Asher Kohn

Eric Thames Went from Quad-A Slugger to Korean League Star. What's Next?

Eric Thames has always had a big bat, but was blocked in his MLB career. In three years in Korea, he's become the best hitter in the league. Can he make it back?
Blake Murphy

Why the Dead or Alive Games Need More Dongs

Look, guys, nobody's saying you can't keep your tits and ass. But it's high time we got cock and balls, too.
Ian Stokes
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Breaking: The Game Still Has a Penis, Wants You To Know It

Guess who has two hands, a phone, and a dong.
Noisey Staff
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Do You Want to See Justin Bieber's Dong?

Let us know in the comments!
Noisey Staff
Noisey Redactie

Science Says Your Penis Is a Fine Size, so Please Just Relax

A recent study sifted through nearly 100 previous studies and determined that the average erect dong is around five inches long, so you can stop worrying about that.
Allie Conti

Did You Know 98 Degrees Have a New Song about How Their Penises are Microphones?

Nick Lachey picks up the phone, pausing briefly as a wispy, nostalgic memory of Jessica transports him momentarily back to a more innocent time, and calls up those other dudes who were also in the band. “Dudes,” he says, “We totally need to get the band b