Overpriced Real Estate Might Be the Only Thing Holding Up Canada’s Economy

In other news: young people in urban centres have given up on buying houses, consumer debt continues to rise, and West Coast homeless shelters are overcrowded with out-of-work Albertans.


The Architects Working to Solve the World’s Homelessness Problem

riza3architects have designed a house than costs 50 percent less to build than the average home. Their idea won first prize in the 'Tiny Home Community' competition.


Australia's Largest Wine Producing Region Is Struggling

"They're telling us to diversify, grow something different. But people don't have the funds. You can't just go to the bank and grow something different."


Delungra Is the Poorest, Happiest Town in Australia

The Australian Tax Office has named Delungra the lowest earning town in the country. We asked some locals what it's like to live there.