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This Is What a City Without Drinking Water Looks Like

A dying river and a legal dispute between two states have left the residents of Delhi water-strapped for years.
Vijay Pandey
Indigenous water crisis

Canada's Indigenous water crisis

Since 2015, VICE News Canada has been documenting the fight to bring clean drinking water to all First Nations across Canada.
VICE News Canada
Indigenous water crisis

Stories from the Indigenous water crisis

Many young First Nations people have never known what it’s like to have clean drinking water in their home
Victoria Ptashnick
Martha Troian
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Tiny town in Labrador looks to the federal government to solve its water crisis

More than 160 communities in Newfoundland don’t have clean water to drink. But for the tiny town of Black Tickle, a Supreme Court ruling and land claim could change everything.
Hilary Beaumont
Indigenous Affairs

Canada says it can solve the drinking water crisis on First Nations by 2021

Government says it has solved 18 long term water advisories on reserve
Hilary Beaumont

The Olympics Are Going to Be a Literal Shit Show

"Levels of sewage that have been released into the environment in Rio is so high that the likelihood of infection is imminent."
Stacey Colino

Behind the Scenes of Justin Trudeau’s Visit to Shoal Lake 40 with 'CUT-OFF' Host Sarain Carson-Fox

CUT-OFF meets Indigenous youth who grew up without drinking water.
VICE Staff
VICE Canada Reports

Canada's Waterless Communities: Neskantaga

In this episode, VICE heads to the remote Neskantaga First Nation in Northern Ontario where after 20 years under a boil water advisory, they have slipped down the federal government's priority list for safe drinking water from four to 19.
VICE Staff
VICE Canada Reports

Canada's Waterless Communities: Shoal Lake 40

VICE News travels to Shoal Lake 40—a First Nations community two hours away from Winnipeg, that has been under drinking-water advisory for 17 years but sits on a lake that supplies drinking water to Winnipeg.
VICE Staff

Conservative MP Confuses Party’s Own Spin With Commitment to Fund Shoal Lake 40’s Freedom Road

The Conservatives still don't support a road that would help give a First Nation a water treatment plant.
Hilary Beaumont

Flooded Corpses Are Leaking Formaldehyde into North Ireland's Groundwater

Zombies aren't the only way the dead can fuck with the living.
David Gilmour

A High School Pumped Reclaimed Sewage Water Into a Drinking Fountain for Over a Year

Luckily the level of dookie molecules in the water was relatively low.
Mike Pearl