What It’s Like To Deal Drugs In a Country With the Harshest Penalties In the World

Thousands of Filipino citizens have been killed in President Duterte's violent war on drugs. VICE meets a local dealer to learn why anyone would run the huge risk of selling when your life is literally on the line.


No One Asked, But Duterte Says He Has A Big Dick

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Duterte Calls Women ‘Bitches’ and ‘Crazy’ at Female Empowerment Event

At an event aimed at celebrating women's achievements, President Rodrigo Duterte couldn’t, yet again, hold back on the sexist comments.


Duterte’s drug war has killed thousands — but he needs weed to “stay awake”

His spokesperson later claimed it was "a joke."


Justin Trudeau Would Rather Renew the War on Drugs Than Deal With Its Racist Legacy

The prime minister sided with Donald Trump on drug policy just three weeks before Canada is set to legalize weed.


Cambridge Analytica's tools turned “kind” Duterte into a "no-nonsense" strongman

"SCL used the cross-cutting issue of crime to rebrand the client as a strong, no-nonsense man of action."


No one is congratulating Putin on his election win

If he sees out his term, Putin will be Russia’s longest-serving leader since Stalin.


Duterte upset after U.S. calls him a "threat" to democracy

The document makes it “very difficult to be friendly” with Washington.


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Duterte orders his troops to shoot women in the vagina

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