Holy Shit

Ryan Hemsworth Returns with Blissful, E-40-Featuring Banger "Hunnid"

Of course it's a Worldstar exclusive.
Phil Witmer
Remix Report Card

The Winter Remix Report Card

Remy Ma teams up with another Nicki Minaj foe, Katy Perry works with Lil Yachty, and Lil Bibby gets the Kevin Gates verse of the year.
Al Shipley

E-40 Has Been Ahead of His Time Longer than You’ve Been Alive

The Bay Area rapper has been rapping the same for 25 years, and it has sounded fucking sweet the entire time.
Zach Goldbaum
Noisey on VICELAND

Here's the Full Episode of 'NOISEY: Bay Area' Starring E-40, G-Eazy, Nef the Pharaoh, and More

The first episode of NOISEY's second season on VICELAND examines how the tech industry and gentrification has played a role in music and art in the Bay Area.
Noisey Staff
Noisey on VICELAND

E-40 Explains How to Beat the Odds in the Bay Area

NOISEY Season 2 premieres tonight at 10 PM EST on VICELAND.
Noisey Staff
NBA Finals

What Is a $2,600 NBA Finals Ticket Actually Worth?

Even by the runaway standards of the tech-boom Bay, tickets for the NBA Finals are hilariously expensive. Our resident masochist paid up for a seat at Oracle Arena, and got what he paid for.
Ed Zitron

Nef the Pharaoh Is Taking Off: Listen to His New Mixtape with Cardo, 'Neffy Got Wings'

The Vallejo rapper talks about his hit song "Big Tymin'" and the unexpected success of a partnership with Cardo leading to a whole new mixtape.
Kyle Kramer
oakland warriors

Steph Curry Hits a 30-Foot 3 From the Pistons Logo, With 18 Seconds on the Shot Clock

He shot it from a different zip code.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Remix Report Card

Endless French Montana: The Winter Remix Report Card Goes "HANH!"

The Weeknd, Migos, and E-40 were among the artists who got the all-star remix treatment this fall.
Al Shipley

Indie Rapadoo, Or John Cena's Unexpected Underground Hip-Hop Credibility

John Cena is simultaneously the most popular and most booed dude in pro wrestling. But, strangely, he has some underground hip-hop luminaries in his corner.
Nate Patrin
Behind The Lens

We Talked to the Nine Year Old Hip-Hop Illustrator Wunderkind Yung Lenox

This kid started sketching off-kilter images of Biggie, E-40, Cam'ron and others for Instagram and now there's a doc all about his art, we talked to the directors and Yung Lenox.
Kat George

Emerging Bay Area Rapper Tia Nomore Makes Hard-Hitting Girl Power Anthems

We talked to the fierce young rapper who's making serious waves in the Bay.
Nastia Voynovskaya