East Coast


Inside the Strange, Messy Fight to Legalize Weed in New Jersey

A plan for recreational pot in liberal New Jersey fell apart. It points to the snags that can arise when politicians try to get in the social-justice game.
Alex Norcia
The Music Issue

Partner Do Stoner Rock Smarter and Better Than Everyone Else

The Canadians' greasy record 'In Search of Lost Time' is drenched in the 90s, but could only exist today.
Sarah MacDonald

Julie & The Wrong Guys Get Right And Heavy on "Love and Leaving"

The East Coast icon joins forces with a few Canadian punk and hardcore musicians to create gritty, gnarling rock 'n' roll.
Sarah MacDonald
Canada 150

'Black Power Hour' Leads the Fight for Prisoners on the East Coast

A radio show co-hosted by activist El Jones is a lifeline for inmates.
Hilary Beaumont

Partner Understands Some Safe Spaces Are Privileged But Everyone Deserves Their Own "Comfort Zone"

"A comfort zone does not have to be a place. A comfort zone is whatever makes you feel at ease."
Sarah MacDonald

Jon McKiel Is Just Trying to Find a Connection on New Album 'Memorial Ten Count'

McKiel is one of the few people brave enough to say he doesn't own a smartphone.
Matt Williams

What Life Is Left in Canada's Abandoned Fishing Towns?

On an all new episode of 'ABANDONED,' Rick travels to Canada's east coast to visit the numerous dead and dying fishing villages.
VICE Staff
Longreads Or Whatever

Did Punk Rock Start in Eastern Canada?

Canada's own Mark Gaudet shaped punk rock at the mere age of 11.
Jason Murray

Everything We Know About the Massive Snowstorm About to Pummel the East Coast

Radar projections are showing that Winter Storm Jonas will be a monster.
Brian McManus

In Today's Comic, an Australian Provides a Guide to Manhattan

"They never built over Central Park, because a dragon lives there."
Greg Mackay

Right Deadly: Why I Broke Up with Booze in the Binge-Fuelled Maritimes

Waking up beside a stranger with no memory of why I was naked, losing wallets and friends on the regular. Blacking out at a prof's house. None of this struck me as a big deal on the East Coast.
Julia Wright
VICE Premiere

We Talked to Vomitface About Keeping It Real, Playing Loud, and Hating Rich Kids

The Jersey City band is touring in support of their new EP and getting ready to record their first full-length with the legendary Steve Albini.
Charlie Ambler