Cop To Be Disciplined For Islamophobic Twitter Account

The Ontario cop, who also writes crime novels, may have mixed fact and fiction while tweeting police information
Stephen Spencer Davis

Scott Hall's WCW Debut Changed Wrestling Forever

Scott Hall crashed Monday Nitro on May 27, 1996, and pro wrestling has obsessed over the element of surprise ever since.
Ian Williams
wuvable oaf

Wuvable Oaf Says Goodbye with a Musical Number in Today's Comic by Ed Luce

It's sad but at least the comic is leaving on a high note.
Ed Luce
wuvable oaf

'ACTION FIGURE!' Today's Comic by Ed Luce

Goteblud has an action figure but the spokeskid they paired him with for the ad isn't feeling it.
Ed Luce
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Shane Douglas, WCW, and the Promo That Changed Wrestling

Wrestling was in a rut in 1994, as a bunch of aimless federations went nowhere. Then Shane Douglas cut a promo after a NWA versus ECW bout that changed everything.
Ian Williams

Extreme Porn, Xtreme Wrestling and Solitary Confinement: The Life and Times of Rob Black

I spoke to Black—a man who was criticised for his depictions of simulated rape, before ultimately being jailed for them—about what he's up to these days.
Daniel Dylan Wray
Popping the Marks

The WWE Killed Wrestling with the WWE Network

The names of the guys in the ring will matter less and less.
Michael Muhammad Knight
Popping the Marks

Who Will End the Undertaker's Streak at Wrestlemania?

Yes, the Undertaker’s 20-match undefeated streak at WrestleMania, which began back in 1991, needs to be broken. It’s wrestling’s cycle of life. The stars of each new generation must feed on the bones of the generation before them.
Michael Muhammad Knight