Fuck Your End Of Year Lists, These Are The Only Reviews Mac DeMarco Should Care About

The only review that matters comes from an Ebay user with 45,317 people who can vouch for their strong, but fair convictions.
Ryan Bassil
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This Interview with Fat Mike Is Ridiculous Even by Fat Mike Standards

"My mom used to have all this porn..." - Fat Mike
Dan Ozzi
Longreads Or Whatever

Loads Of Huge UK Rock Bands Still Have Day Jobs

A bunch of our favourite new bands tell us how the best way to have a career in music is to not have a career in music.
Hannah Ewens
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Punktendo Lets You Play Punk Rock Versions of Your Favorite Video Games

Featuring games like "Fat Mike's Golf" and "Milo Fu."
Dan Ozzi
Holy Shit

Read These Previously Unreleased Handwritten Poems by a 17-Year-Old Tupac Shakur

The poems were unearthed by his first manager, Leila Steinberg.
Jeff Weiss

Deerhoof: 20 Years In and Still Blowing up Amps

The bonkers SF-based band return with their thirteenth album which they recorded in a basement in just 10 days.
Danielle Goldstein

Has Underground Culture's Obsession with the Past Endangered its Future?

We're listening to Aphex Twin, watching Kate Bush, hearing Sir Mix-a-Lot, and generally trying to remember where we are.
Joe Zadeh
International Women's Day 2016

FKA Twigs is The Only British Popstar Changing Attitudes About Sexuality

Her music is a constant, convulsing state of resist and release - and she's altering the sexual identity of women on a global scale.
Emma Garland
The Greatest Things Of All Time

The Kanye West Guide to Life

What can Kanye West tell us about life? Pretty much everything, it turns out.
As Compiled by Noisey Staff
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This Guy Pissed In His Own Mouth at a Trash Talk Show

Sick, dude. (Oh, also, NSFW)
Dan Ozzi

Redway: Two Steps Ahead

The Mississauga rapper may be 25, but he's been rapping for almost 10 years. He explains his early days in Toronto, the Mic For Your Life competitions, his "TDotWire Freak" success, and how he met Wondagurl.
Slava Pastuk

Hipsters Can't Ruin Hip-Hop Because Hipsters Don't Exist

"Hipsters" are a fictional construct, an army of imaginary scapegoats in trucker hats perched perilously on top of both a five-panel and a snapback.
Skinny Friedman