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It's Game of Thrones in Cartel Land Now That El Chapo's in Prison for Life

In Mexico, his sons could struggle to survive.
Deborah Bonello

Inside the Ornate World of El Chapo Nail Art

"Narco fashion is huge. It's such a part of our culture, it's so woven into our cultural fabric as Mexicans."
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria
El Chapo

El Chapo's prosecutors say our interview with a juror isn't enough to get him a new trial

A VICE News story was "Exhibit A" in a new court filing that seeks to prevent the kingpin's conviction from being overturned.
Keegan Hamilton
Cartel Chronicles

In El Chapo's Mexico, Fentanyl is the New Boom Drug

Despite the drug lord's take down, the narco-trade in Sinaloa is thriving as producers shift from heroin to deadly opioids.
Deborah Bonello

BREAKING: El Chapo found guilty, faces life in a U.S. prison

The anonymous jury convicted the kingpin on all 10 counts related to his drug smuggling empire.
Keegan Hamilton

El Chapo Tried to Use Hells Angels to Kill Canadian Real Estate Agent Called ‘Catboy,’ Court Hears

Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmàn Loera's former right hand man made the accusation in a Brooklyn court this week.
Mack Lamoureux
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How NAFTA helped create the modern drug trade

NAFTA was passed 25 years ago this week, and helped open crucial drug smuggling routes for Mexican cartels.
Joe Tone
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How a Brooklyn Gang May Have Gotten Crazy Rich Dealing for El Chapo

Experts suspect the Sinaloa Cartel of supplying heroin to Bushwick Crew, a flashy street gang cops say lived hard, fast, and deadly.
Francisco Alvarado
El Chapo

Don't click this story if you want to be on the El Chapo jury

Here are the 120 questions jurors for El Chapo trial will have to answer
Keegan Hamilton
El Chapo

Can El Chapo get a fair trial?

The alleged Mexican drug kingpin is facing trial in Brooklyn, but the system has already been stacked against him
Keegan Hamilton
El Chapo

El Chapo's lawyers say they are "insufficiently funded"

Prosecutors want to confiscate $14 billion in alleged drug money from Chapo
Keegan Hamilton
El Chapo

We talked to El Chapo's lawyer about defending a notorious drug lord

Keegan Hamilton
David Noriega