This Is How Much Quebec’s Premier Thinks It Costs To Feed a Family

We’re guessing Philippe Couillard hasn’t bought his own groceries in a while.
Manisha Krishnan

Cult Cartoon ‘6Teen’ Is Back In a Really Weird Way

The teen mallrats I loved proved they’re woke in 2018 and I’m here for it.
Sierra Bein
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Liberal Candidate Suggested 9/11 Was An Inside Job and Nobody Cares

In 2018, the year of the melted brain, these comments have been but a small dip in the Ontario provincial election roller coaster.
Mack Lamoureux

Two Conservative Leaders Resign As #MeToo Hits Canadian Politics

Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown and NS PC Leader Jamie Baillie both resigned over sexual misconduct allegations within 24 hours.
Manisha Krishnan
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You Won't Be Alone if You 'Scream Helplessly at the Sky' on November 8

At least nine different US cities are hosting events on the anniversary of the presidential election, encouraging thousands of people to "enjoy a collective cathartic yell into the heavens about our current political establishment."
Drew Schwartz

The Woman Who Built Trump Tower Doesn't Even Like Trump

The photographer Res documents their mother's employment and eventual activism against the Trump Organization.
Elizabeth Renstrom
conspiracy theories

What Conspiracy Theories on the Left and Right Have in Common

A new study just found out what we all knew was true—conspiracy theories are partisan.
Mack Lamoureux

'Peace Sign,' Today's Comic by Leslie Stein

The day after the last presidential election, Leslie receives some much-needed love from a group of kids admiring her art.
Leslie Stein
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Conservatives lose majority in UK election stunner, GOP backs Trump after Comey hearing, at least 30 killed in Iraq suicide bombing, and more.
VICE Staff
UK Elections

The UK Election Was a Victory for Young Voters Everywhere

The old aeon in politics is over.
Drew Brown
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LIVE: Watch the Former CIA Head Testify About Russian Election Meddling

John Brennan will answer questions in front of the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday at 10 AM EST.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Shaq Wants to Be a Real-Life Sheriff

The former NBA player, recording artist, movie star, and sportscaster said he plans to run in 2020.
Drew Schwartz