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20 minutes ago

Liberals Lose Seats in Atlantic Canada, But Still Easily Win Region

In early results, the Liberals are well ahead in Newfoundland and the Maritimes.

3 days ago

Nearly Everything About Canada's Federal Election Sucked

Unworthy candidates, uninspired ideas, disinformation, laughable debates. And those were the highlights from this campaign.


Cancelling Student Debt Could Help Pay Your Rent. What if the Next PM Did It?

Forgiving federal government student loans could be a game-changer for a generation accused of failing to launch, and everyone stands to benefit.


It's Hard to Imagine a Bleaker Leaders' Debate at a More Important Time

It was a six-way screaming match full of lies and one-liners. But lost in all that shouting was a glimpse into what Canada really is now.


Seven Quick Takeaways From the Canadian Election Debate

Justin Trudeau took the expected hits, but Jagmeet Singh may have left the biggest impression.


This Tool Shows Why Young People Can Decide This Election

Future Majority’s app shows riding by riding how Gen-Z and Millennials can affect the Canadian election.


Green Party Leader Photoshopped With Fake Reusable Cup and Straw

Yet another shocking scandal from this Canadian election.


Elizabeth May’s Drug Decriminalization Plan Makes No Sense

Experts say the Greens’ plan to decriminalize drugs and potentially criminalize them again once overdose deaths subside is not an effective policy.


Green Party Profile: Everything You Need to Know About Voting for Elizabeth May

The Green Party's ambitious platform puts the environment first. But some say the party still has blind spots.


Racism Was a Major Factor in This Election Even Before Trudeau's Brownface

Justin Trudeau's racist antics in his youth may have the headlines, but race has been a dominant factor in this election before it was even called.


The Most Painfully Awkward Moments From Canada's First Election 2019 Debate

The most interesting thing about the debate was the fact that JT didn't show up.


We Ranked the 'Middle-Class' Roots of Our Prospective Leaders

When politicians start comparing their own middle-class roots, everyone loses.