Black Women Making History

These Black Women Are Building Empowering Spaces in New York City

Visionary creative studio Maroon World's stunning photographs capture five black women who are having a profound impact on their communities.
Amirah Mercer

A Look Inside America's First Romance and Erotica-Only Bookstore

Passion! Risk! Zombie Erotica! Two sisters learn just how far they're willing to go to empower women and bring lustful love stories to the masses.
Justin Caffier

Jamelia Has Slayed Piers Morgan Over the Beyonce Album

"Newsflash honey... It wasn't made for you."
Emma Garland

Meet the Girls Behind São Paulo's Female-Only Tattoo Shop

We talked with the shop's artists about how they got started, jealousy from male peers, and their love of permanently marking people's bodies.
Débora Lopes

Destiny Is the Empowering Disco Queen We Need

Upon the release of her new music video, "Soul Train," VICE talked to the artist formerly known as Princess Nokia about her upcoming mixtape, urban feminism, cultural activism, and intellectual spirit.
Barbara Calderón-Douglass
so sad today

I'm a Bad Bitch with Shame and Anxiety, OK?

I decided to delve into my shame and anxiety with writer Safy-Hallan Farah, and also ask her some questions about her own shame and anxiety.
So Sad Today

Meet the Activist Behind the UK's First Clinic for Women Trying to Reclaim Their Bodies After Being Raped

Years after being raped, Pavan Amara couldn't look in the mirror or bear being touched—even by a doctor. Now, with the NHS, she's set up My Body Back, a clinic for women with the same issues.
Maya Oppenheim

On Safety, Fear, and Walking Home Alone at Night as a Woman

I could be attacked when I walk around by myself in the dark. I could be attacked at home, too. So what does it mean to "be safe"?
Megan Koester

Skateboarding Makes Afghan Girls Feel Free

How the Skateistan school uses skateboarding as a tool for empowerment in a country worn down by 30 years of conflict and dislocation.
Kat Lister