Energy East

private security

These government files show how a private security firm bungled pipeline protests

Canada’s private security industry has grown four-fold since 1970 and this review shows what can go wrong when officials outsource political surveillance.
Chris Arsenault
Pipeline project

TransCanada cancels its $15 billion Energy East pipeline

Low oil prices, regulatory hurdles and fears project would contaminate nearly 3,000 lakes and rivers seen as reasons for axing the plan.
Chris Arsenault

West vs East Fight Over Energy East Pipeline Leaves Little Room for Adult Debate

Conservative politicians aren't taking too kindly to Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre's opposition to the Energy East pipeline.
James Wilt

Oka Could Happen Again Amid Pipeline Battles, First Nation Leaders Say

25 years after the historic dispute, Indigenous leaders say tensions are rising again.
Hilary Beaumont

Science vs. Politics—The Real Problem with the Premiers’ Climate Summit

The provinces recognized climate change is a problem, which is great. But without any action, that recognition doesn't mean a thing.
Cameron Fenton

Anti-Oil Activists Named as National Security Threats Respond to Leaked RCMP Report

Following news that the RCMP considers anti-oil-industry activists a national security threat, we spoke to some of the activists who have been on the front lines of the fight to salvage Canada's environment.
Michael Toledano

What Happens in Quebec This Year May Foreshadow the Future of Canada's Oil and Gas Industry

Despite oil and natural gas prices hitting rock bottom, the fossil fuels industry still has big plans for Quebec.
Simon Van Vliet

Quebec Is At the Forefront of Canada’s Petro-Economy Expansion

With pipelines stalled in BC and the US, Quebec is the last frontier—for now—in the fight to stop tar sands oil from being exported around the world.
Simon Van Vliet