Gold Star’s “Half the Time” Is a Celebration of LA’s Seedy Underbelly

Listen to the cracked, joyous first single from his tumultuous third album, 'Uppers & Downers.'
Andrea Domanick
nicolas batum

Nicolas Batum Blows Wide-Open Lay-In Buzzer-Beater

The Charlotte Hornets forward had almost a full second to make this a much easier shot.
Joseph Flynn
reel talk

Reel Talk: The First Corbin Smith Review of Online Basketball Highlights of February

The taxing, exhausting inevitability of Golden State, the soothing running-in-sand stylings of Earl Watson, and a warning to children about Kawhi Leonard.
Corbin Smith
The Blobby Boys & Friends

Fashion Cat in 'FML'

Fashion Cat is sad and thinking about all his problems.
Alex Schubert
Dear Artists

The Tragedy of Going to the Mall on Black Friday

What if you need to go to the mall to get your cell phone screen fixed, but it's on the biggest shopping day of the year? It might drive you to tears too.
Casey Jane Ellison

Bask in the "Summer of Love" with Ennui's Languid New Song

The Pittsburgh synth artist shares the pretty seasonal jam you need off his upcoming album 'Telepathic Beat.'
Kyle Kramer

Photos of Sad Guys Being Forced to Shop

During Christmas season, people are basically forced to shop against their will. We've compiled photos of some of the saddest shoppers around from the miserable_men Instagram account to celebrate the unsung heroes of capitalist ennui.
Miserable Men
SXSW 2013

The Noisey Guide to Desperation at SXSW

If you want to truly appreciate sadness and ennui, SXSW is a fantastic place for your completely illogical desire.
Dave Schilling
Prolate Spheroid Preview

The Ennui of Raiders-Chiefs

"Will we remember this game any more or less than another when we are taking stock of our lives in our twilight years? Or is true meaning found in pursuits distant from the field: raising children, loving a wife, helping our neighbors in times of need...
Harry Cheadle