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Hundreds of Toronto Students Ditched Classes To Demand Climate Change Action

“We’re not gonna die anytime soon, and if we do, it’s gonna be because of this.”
Sherina Harris
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Ten Thousand Kids Protested Climate Change in London Today

We took photos so you can see what that looked like.
VICE Staff
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The Activists Going On 'Birth Strike' to Protest Climate Change

"I don't think it's an acceptable risk to bring children into the world – the likelihood of a safe future for them has to increase dramatically first."
Simon Doherty
climate change

Climate Change Is Such a Huge Threat We Don't Even Know How to Think About It

The good news, says author David Wallace-Wells, is that "civilization will endure." The bad news? Pretty much everything else.
Geoff Dembicki
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The Climate Change Paper So Depressing It's Sending People to Therapy

On average, three people read an academic paper. At least 100,000 have read this – and a lot of them haven't taken it very well.
Zing Tsjeng

I Tested the Saving Technique That Promises Retirement at 40

The FIRE – "financial independence, retire early" – movement is all about hoarding enough cash, before investing it and living off the dividends.
Hayden Vernon
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I Tried to Be Completely Sustainable for a Week

If climate change responsibility is going to be foisted onto individuals rather than governments, I thought I should see how doable it is.
Annie Lord

Trans Mountain Expansion Gets Another Green Light from National Energy Board

The report brings Justin Trudeau’s government one step closer to building the pipeline.
Hilary Beaumont

This Woman Killed Hundreds Of Elephants For Their Ivory. Cops Finally Caught Her.

Chinese criminal Yang Fenlan faces 15 years in prison for managing an organized group that poached endangered elephants
Edoardo Liotta
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How This British Climate Action Group Is Aiding the Fight Against Global Warming

We met members of Extinction Rebellion to talk about their plans to save the world.
Emily Goddard

The Anti-Semitic Roots of Canadian Conservatives’ ‘Foreign Funded Radicals’ Attacks

The phrase has often been thrown at environmental groups by conservatives. But there’s a disturbing subtext in this line of attack.
James Wilt
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The Real War Facing the Wet’suwet’en Nation

The pipeline-fuelled conflict between the RCMP and land defenders in northern BC is a war between tribal and colonial law as old as Canada itself. And it’s a war we’ve internalized.
Trevor Jang