tipping point

The Environmental Movement Needs to Reckon with Its Racist History

Because racism in environmentalism hasn’t gone away, and it’s holding the movement back.
Julian Brave NoiseCat
3 days ago
tipping point

The Climate Is at a Tipping Point. We Need Stories From the Front Lines

The people affected first and worst by the climate crisis are often the least likely to have their stories told. With your help, Tipping Point aims to change that.
Natasha Grzincic
4 days ago
VICE News Tonight on HBO

You can blame Instagrammers for ruining a rare poppy "super bloom"

Poppies are blanketing a Southern California park, drawing thousands of people every day to get a glimpse and a 'gram
Myles Andrews-Duve

Iran has charged environmentalists with spying after they filmed a cheetah

Former McGill student Niloufar Bayani is among those arrested.
Hilary Beaumont
climate change

Britain's New Climate Change Protesters Are Desperate to Get Arrested

Extinction Rebellion are getting thrown in prison to show how serious global warming is.
Ella Milburn
Views My Own

Climate Change Edgelords Are the New Climate Change Deniers

People who get off on being wet blankets about the coming climate apocalypse are as bad for the cause as skeptics, if not worse.
Mike Pearl

The Trump Administration Is Waiving 25 Laws to Build a New Bit of 'Wall'

To expand some fencing in New Mexico, the government will need to brush aside a bunch of environmental and land use regulations.
Meredith Hoffman

Want To Help Save the Planet? Stop Doing Coke

Reminder: Even your moderate consumption contributes to significant deforestation.
Billy Eff
climate change

Hurricane Harvey Is the Future Millennials Are Fighting to Prevent

This month's devastating storms show how high the stakes are when it comes to climate change.
Geoff Dembicki

Ralph Steadman Wants to Save the World

We visited the studio of Hunter S Thompson's chief collaborator to talk about his new book with conservationist Ceri Levy.
Stefanie Marsh

Witches Tell Us How They’re Making Magic Political

On feminism, environmentalism, and anti-Trump spells.
Mica Lemiski
Standing Rock

The Standing Rock Sioux Aren't About to Roll Over for Trump

The tribe is preparing to challenge the Dakota Access Pipeline in court as round two of the battle between activists and government begins.
Cole Kazdin