Stop Putting Minority Kids in ESL Classes if They Don’t Need It

Apparently if you’re young and a visible minority, you belong in an English as a Second Language class.
Hadeel Abdel-Nabi

eSports Commentator Lauren Scott Talks Fame and the Rise of Competitive Gaming

Part of ESL's line-up of commentary talent, Scott risked a lot to make it in eSports—but now she's seeing it all pay off.
Mike Diver

Being a Teenager is Hard Enough Without Having to Learn English as a Second Language

For immigrants who come to America as children and teenagers, adapting to a new language can make middle and high school feel like hell.
Chin Lu
VICE vs Video games

eSports Has to Grow Up, and Drug-Testing Its Players Is an Important Step

As the ESL and Gfinity declare they're testing for performance-enhancing drugs, eSports is coming into line with more traditional athletic competitions.
Jake Tucker

My Mother Sent Me an NSFW Clip

The next morning she emailed me "IMG_0087.MOV," a humorous skit about a man on a tram that keeps suddenly stopping, causing him to repeatedly ram his face into the large-breasted woman seated across from him.
Jimmy Chen

How English Teachers in China Are Lied to and Exploited

ESL teachers expect to face some cultural difficulties, few realize quite what they're in for.
Zoe Leavitt and Aaron Lee

White People with No Skill Sets Wanted in China

If you're a white English speaker, you can get a job teaching private English classes in China. Many schools will hire you without any prior experience, teaching credentials, or a working visa. Sometimes you don't even need to apply for the job.
Morgan Hartley