‘Hot Lesbian’ Pro-Oil Sands Ad Was ‘Ethical Oil’ Campaign at Its Extreme Endpoint

The ad was sexist and dumb but at least you know where its ideology is, which is more than you can say about Canada's pro-pipeline politicians.
James Wilt

Canada’s Leading Climate Scientist Is Concerned About Canada’s Obsession with Pipelines

We interviewed climate scientist and autohor Andrew Weaver to discuss Canada's billion dollar pipelines, the gift and curse of being known as Canada's top climate scientist, and the time Ezra Levant called him a bully.
Remi L. Roy

Ezra Levant's Conspiratorial Rhetoric Was Applauded by Oil Execs in Peace River, Alberta

Sun News talking head and 'Ethical Oil' author Ezra Levant was hired to give the keynote speech at this year's Peace Oil Sands Conference and Trade Show in Peace River, Alberta, the town where residents have abandoned their homes due to toxic air. He...
Michael Toledano

'No Enbridge' Might Have Been The Last Peaceful Northern Gateway Protest

Despite sustained rallying from the public, the Feds will likely approve Northern Gateway in June. According to some, that approval may lead to acts of civil disobedience and more direct forms of protest. We visited an anti-Gateway protest in Vancouver...
Dave Dean

'Neil Young Lies' Is Pro-Oil Propaganda at its Worst

Earlier this week, an attack site called Neil Young Lies popped up in my Facebook feed, and I was immediately interested in what appeared to be an organized attempt to discredit Neil’s attention-grabbing, anti-tar sands activism. Mr. Young is an aging...
Patrick McGuire