Palestinian Women Artists Urge Madonna to Cancel Performance in Israel

Artists like Lorde and Lauryn Hill have chosen not to perform in Israel in support of Palestinian human rights.
Leila Ettachfini
Unnecessarily Exhaustive Guides

We Reviewed All 43 Eurovision Songs

From Dutch outlaw country to Albanian hard rock to whatever Moldova are doing, here's an exhaustive guide to everything you'll hear from Lisbon this week.
Alex Robert Ross

I Went to a Eurovision Sex Party

I absent-mindedly let one guy rim me on the sofa, put my clothes back on and went home.
Jamie Dallinger
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We Asked Cradle of Filth to Decide 2015's Sound of the Summer

From Fetty Wap to Jamie xx, who better to pick 2015's sunshine banger than a malicious and satanic extreme metal band?
Joe Zadeh

A Finnish Punk Band with Learning Disabilities Is Going to Eurovision

​On Saturday Finnish TV viewers officially selected Pertii Kurikan Nimipäivät (PKN), a punk rock group composed of four middle-aged men with learning disabilities, as their entrant for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.
Mark Hay

Some Good LGBT Things That Happened in 2014

The situation for LGBT people can often feel bleak. Let's give ourselves a pat on the back for a change.
Amelia Abraham

Angry Anti-Fascists Beat Up Nazis in Copenhagen Last Weekend

Officials gave the green light to the first official Nazi march held in the city since World War II, and the result was a street brawl.
Esben Elborne
The World Hates You Issue

Apparently Europeans Don’t Care if Pop Stars Dress Like Nazis

This March Europe’s version of 'American Idol' featured a few unexpected guests: Nazis. Or, more accurately, drummers in Waffen-SS outfits that were grabbed by a costumer who was unaware that they were worn by the propagators of mankind’s worst...
Xavier Aaronson