Chelsea Manning Warns That Trump Will Go After Journalists With “Indictments and Charges”

"Whenever a journalist makes a misstep, I think that they are put on notice now."


Chelsea Manning Probably Won't Be Out of Jail for Long

Before she was even released from jail Thursday, Manning was hit with another subpoena for the exact same reason.


Does Julian Assange Have a Roommate in Jail? A VICE News Investigation

The U.K. Ministry of Justice is highly secretive about where inmates live within prisons like Belmarsh, where Julian Assange will serve a 50-week sentence.


More Canadians Are Facing Jail in the US For Dealing Fentanyl on the Dark Web

A Calgary man faces at least 10 years in prison for shipping fentanyl and other drugs across the border disguised as kids’ toys and Pez-like candy.


Everything you need to know about the wild Huawei extradition case in Canada

The U.S. has a week to formally file an extradition request for Meng Wanzhou, who was detained in Vancouver at its behest.


Huawei Executive Has ‘Strong’ Case Against Extradition Thanks to Donald Trump, Canadian Diplomat to China Says

Canada’s ambassador to China John McCallum says Meng Wanzhou can use Donald Trump’s political involvement in her case to fight extradition, along with two other legal arguments.


Canada warns citizens traveling to China of "arbitrary" enforcement of law

China fires back with its own travel advisory that accuses Canada of the "arbitrary detention" of Chinese nationals.


China sentences Canadian man to death for drug smuggling

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused Beijing of "arbitrarily" applying the death penalty amid an escalating rift over the arrest of a Huawei executive.


Arresting Huawei’s “heiress” isn't going to help trade negotiations with China

She “is sought for extradition by the United States."


Canadian demands public inquiry after being extradited to France

Cleared of terror charges, Hassan Diab wants "lousy" rules changed after he spent three years in prison


Canadian Accused in Massive Yahoo Hack Will Fight Extradition to U.S.

Karim Baratov claims he is innocent.