Extreme weather

Hurricane Dorian

Dorian Is Still Not Projected to Hit Alabama, Despite Trump's Sharpie Map

It’s also unclear why Trump would be showing a week-old projection during Wednesday's “update.”
Alex Lubben

Europe’s Deadly Heatwave Marked the Hottest June on Record

We can expect to more brutal heatwaves to come according to a pair of European climate reports.
Sarah Emerson
climate change

Climate Change Hits Canada Twice as Hard as Other Countries

Concordia researchers have created an app to fight fear-mongering and misinformation.
Anne Gaviola
Life Inside

All the Crazy Things I Saw in Prison During Hurricane Harvey

We were stuck in a ghost town, and ours were the only lives left.
Deidre McDonald
Extreme weather

I Fly Planes Through Hurricanes for a Living

Meet Commander Scott Price, a US government "Hurricane Hunter" who has seen some things.
Scott Price as told to Rick Paulas
climate change

Hmm, Could Australia's Recent Apocalyptic Weather Be a Sign of Climate Change?

Floods in WA, raging bushfires in NSW—it's just a taste of things to come, according to climate scientists.
Katherine Gillespie
australian baseball

Australian Baseball Game Interrupted by Insane Hail Storm

You've got to listen to this.
Sean Newell

Will Britain See More Extreme Weather Incidents Like Storm Desmond?

Storm Desmond has left 60,000 British homes without power. We asked an expert if we should expect the weather to be like this from now on.
VICE Staff
Festival Season!

VELD Music Festival Announces Refunds After Extreme Weather Evacuation

There's always a rainbow after the rain.
THUMP Canada Staff