'Shramp Bums,' Today's Comic by Brian Blomerth

Using astral projection, Yorna helps Scramp hatch a revenge plot to stop a corporation from stealing his shrimp hot dog recipe.


This Chinese Town Manufactures Almost Everything ‘Made in China’

Photographer Raffaele Petralla captures scenes from Yiwu, China, the largest small commodities market in the world.


This court case could change how Canadian companies make your clothes overseas

A case in court this week could force Canadian companies to ensure factories in developing countries are safe


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Hillary Clinton cancels her California trip after pneumonia diagnosis, more NFL stars protest during the national anthem, six people were shot after a peace rally in Alabama, and more.


Andy Warhol Wanted Lou Reed to Be His 'Mickey Mouse'

The authors of Please Kill Me talked with Warhol's "boy," Billy Name, a key figure in the 60s art scene who built the Factory, as well as witnessed the rise of Edie Sedgwick, the Velvet Underground's breakup, and the time Warhol was almost...


Flatpacked Chinese Prisons

The prison business is booming, but for these Australian factory workers, assembling prefab cells is just like any other job.


Everything We Know So Far About the Attack on the French Chemical Factory

This morning, a man was found decapitated at a factory near Lyon.


A Brooklyn Cherry Magnate Killed Himself After Police Discovered a Pot Farm in His Factory

The factory's new owners insist it will stay open and continue supplying restaurants with their legit product.


The High Cost of Cheap Clothes

Cambodian authorities are pushing former sex workers into a trade where conditions and pay are even worse: making clothing for Western brands.


Listen to 'Dr. MDMA, M.D.' a New Mixtape by YACHT and Eric Andre

Even if you have a bad case of "loving you," 'Dr. MDMA, M.D.' is a brand-new scientifically tried and true exercise in audio that will have you cured in 48 minutes and six seconds flat.


Disasters Made in Bangladesh

We still don’t know exactly how many of Swapna’s coworkers were killed at the Tazreen Fashions factory on November 24, 2012. She was sewing shorts—“half-pants,” they’re called in Bangladesh—when on the ground floor piles of yarn and acrylic fabric...