Meet the Taylor Swift Stan Who Went to Jail

The slammer could not hold back the power of the @LegitTayUpdates fan Twitter account.
Funké Joseph
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We Asked The 1975 Fans About Their Weirdest Online Relationships

“This girl I work with is always selling pictures of her feet... He likes it when she curls them around other objects.”
Annie Lord

We Asked ‘Stan’ Actor Devon Sawa Who He Stans

Turns out the Canadian actor really, really likes Eminem’s latest record.
Sarah Berman

The Worst Fanbases on the Internet, Ranked

Twitter user Michelle Spies made the hardest bracket ever. After much deliberation, we solved it.
VICE Staff
The 2018 FIFA World Cup

So You Want to Be a Soccer Fan? Here's What You Should Know

The World Cup made you feel a genuine love and appreciation for the game, and now you want to go full-time? You, I'm afraid, are an idiot.
Dipo Faloyin
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Lily Allen Fans Told Us The Most Shameless Thing They've Ever Done

'No Shame' is out now, so we used this opportunity to speak about sex and vomit and more sex.
Annie Lord

This Guy Tattooed an Entire Football Shirt on His Torso

Forty percent of Maurício dos Anjos' body is now covered in the black and red stripes of his team, Flamengo.
Rafael Luis Azevedo
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Dear Anonymous Fan of Pale Waves, Please Explain

We interviewed someone who wouldn't stop talking about the indie four-piece, to try and understand how they got so huge so fast.
Ryan Bassil
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Philadelphia Lost Its Damn Mind After the Super Bowl

The whole city is probably still drunk.
Lauren Messman
Noisey News

A Fan Actually Hung Lorde's 'Melodrama' in the Louvre

Down the back, but who cares? Still the Louvre.
Lauren O'Neill
Twin Peaks

We Spoke to Hardcore Fans at the UK 'Twin Peaks' Festival

"I'm turning my living room into the Black Lodge."
Hannah Ewens
Fandom Week

Seven Fans Explain How Their Favorite Bands Saved Their Lives

We speak to the fans whose love for a particular artist pushed them back from the brink.
Tom Connick