fashion cat

    • 8.19.15

      The Final Blobby Boys Comic

      This last strip, by TV on the Radio singer Tunde Adebimpe, ends the with a major revelation about the Blobbies.

    • 8.5.15

      The Blooby Guys vs. Cyber Surfer

      In this episode of "The Blobby Boys" drawn this week by Frédéric Fluery, the Blobby Boys get into an action-packed brawl with Cyber Surfer.

    • 7.22.15

      Black Kat Cigarettes Are Purrrrfectly Smooth

      In guest illustrator Jesse Balmer's episode of "The Blobby Boys," we find Kristoff fixated on a cigarette ad at 3:14 AM.

    • 7.16.15

      Fashion Cat Gets Right with God

      In this week's comic, drawn by Australian wunderkind HTML Flowers, Fashion Cat finds himself in Lincoln, Illinois, where the only two things to do are smoke meth or go to church. But why choose just one?

    • 6.25.15

      Blobby Girls

      Alex Schubert joined a cult and we rescued him back, but the deprogramming is taking FOREVER. Until he's back to his old shitty self, his comic is being guest-drawn by others. This week, artist Penelope Gazin does her feminine take on the Blobby Boys.

    • 6.17.15

      The Blobby Boys Kill Fashion Cat

      Alex Schubert is missing so guest artists are filling in for him. This week Jason Ramirez tells a story in which some Blobby Boy mice kill a very drunk Fashion Cat.

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    • 4.23.15

      Fashion Cat – ' Fashion Cat's Mansion'

      Until Alex Scuhbert can kick his addiction to whippets (the dog breed), his comic will be guest-drawn by other talented artists. This one is by Antone Cossé.

    • 4.8.15

      The Blobby Boys - 'Sriracha Factory'

      Until Alex Schubert gets out of jail for that prank of his that went tragically awry, his comics are being handled by cartoonists who survived his misguided joke. This week, the Blobbys are living in a Srirachi factory.

    • 3.26.15

      The Blobby Boys - 'Behind the Dumpsters'

      Until Alex's remains are identified by one of his ex-wives, his weekly comic is being drawn by a series of cartoonists looking to steal his throne. This week's is by Lauren Unger, internet comic superstar.