Fiction Issue 2016

    • 12.22.16

      'Your Character'

      Forty different ways writers torture their characters.

    • 12.21.16

      'The Grave Bench'

      A writer struggles to get a hold of the story of his grandmother-in-law's Christmas wish, for a bench that will sit by her tombstone.

    • 12.20.16

      'Derek Jeter,' a Story by Thessaly La Force

      Two young women in the fashion industry try to keep their heads above water, whether it's by dating rich guys or stealing clothes from the magazine where they work.

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    • 12.7.16

      'I Don't Know What I Did Last Summer'

      A love triangle between a Danish Poet, a Danish Artist, and a cool young woman who may be a little too smart for her own good.

    • 12.6.16


      The narrator recounts six brushes with rape in college. In short troubling episodes, he describes things he heard and victims he met—both accuser and accused.