The World's Best 'FIFA' Player Was Crowned at the ePremier League Final

Sitting next to his mum, we watched 17-year-old F2Tekkz take the title.
Mark Wilding
Fifa 19

Autumn is Here, and with it Comes FIFA

FIFA 19 is very, very good. But would it matter if it wasn't?
Joel Golby

Qatar accused of running “black ops” against rival World Cup bids

“For the past four months we have undertaken an extensive campaign to undermine the 2018/2022 candidacies of competitor countries."
David Gilbert
The 2018 FIFA World Cup

The Biggest Myths Busted During the Group Stage of the World Cup

After a thrilling two weeks, we've learned that a bunch of early-tournament narratives have turned out to be false as we head into the knockout stage.
Daniel Squizzato
world cup 2018

Iranian Women Fight for Right to be Soccer Fans at the World Cup

A group of nine fans have travelled to the World Cup to protest against the rules banning women from stadiums back home during each of Iran’s matches.
David Cox
The 2018 FIFA World Cup

Which Country You Should Cheer for in the World Cup

If your country didn't qualify, here's a handy guide to decide which bandwagon you should jump on.
Daniel Squizzato
The 2018 FIFA World Cup

Here's Everyone You're Going to Watch the World Cup With

From fair-weather patriots and mansplainers to estranged friends and yer da, here are all the people you're going to hang out with during Russia 2018.
Will Magee

A Jonas Brother Just Testified About Paul McCartney in FIFA Corruption Trial

It all has to do with a concert in Buenos Aires that at least one person won't admit ever happened. So, you know, normal stuff.
Liam Daniel Pierce
world cup controversies

How The 2002 World Cup Became the Most Controversial Tournament in Recent Memory

The 2002 World Cup is remembered as the tournament of Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and Ronaldo. However, thanks to referees, the golden goal rule and South Korea, it is also considered one of the most contentious of all time.
Will Magee

What FIFA Whitewashed From The Garcia Report

A 430-page condemnation became a 42-page everything is fine dot gif
Aaron Gordon

Newly Released World Cup Corruption Report Not as Clean as FIFA Claimed

FIFA released Michael Garcia's full report into allegations of corruption involving the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bids. Here's what we've found so far.
Aaron Gordon & Sean Newell

What We Know About Corruption in the 2018 And 2022 World Cup Bids

​The FBI and Swiss authorities are currently investigating both bids.
Aaron Gordon