FIFA World Cup

The 2018 FIFA World Cup

Soccer Fans Told Us the Reasons They've Accidentally Missed Iconic Moments

"I missed Italy's winner against Germany in the 2006 World Cup semi-final because I was being wrestled."
Will Magee
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Iranian Women Fight for Right to be Soccer Fans at the World Cup

A group of nine fans have travelled to the World Cup to protest against the rules banning women from stadiums back home during each of Iran’s matches.
David Cox
The 2018 FIFA World Cup

Why Russians Can't Wait to Host Their Enemies at the World Cup

I travelled around Russia to find out how its people feel about welcoming visitors from countries they've been told are the enemy.
Nik Afanasjew

Canadian Soccer's Stance on Grass For Men vs. Turf For Women Leaves More Questions Than Answers

Two years after Canada's controversial decision to play the Women's World Cup on turf fields, the CSA bid appears certain that fields for the men in 2026 would be grass. We asked them why.
Howard Megdal
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The 2026 World Cup Joint Bid: U.S. Hosts Normal World Cup While Mexico, Canada Get Scraps

Nice of the United States to invite Canada and Mexico, I guess.
Aaron Gordon

The Winston Reid Effect: How New Zealand Are Building Perfectly For The Next World Cup

Mixing youth, experience and a first-class Premier League talent, English coach Anthony Hudson is shaping a Kiwi team with World Cup potential.
Ben Stanley
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Joao Havelange, The Man Who Created FIFA as We Know it, Dead at 100

Joao Havelange helped shaped FIFA into the money machine it now is.
Leander Schaerlaeckens
Lionel Messi

Only the Hand of God Can Separate Messi and Maradona

Lionel Messi has stepped away from the international stage without equalling Diego Maradona's achievements. Yet the oddity is that, in many ways, the younger man's achievements far outstrip those of his predecessor.
Jonathan Wilson

Chaos in Brazil: On the Ground at the World Cup - Part 3

Over the past year, Brazil's public school teachers have played a major role in the protests surrounding the World Cup.
VICE Staff

Contra a Copa: The Other Side of Brazil's World Cup

VICE News traveled to Brazil to see how the country was preparing for one of the world's biggest international events, while simultaneously struggling to control a civil uprising.
VICE Staff