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  • How to Make It as an Expat Extra in Vietnam

    The Vietnamese film industry is always in need of foreign-looking people to appear in the background of movies, but it can be a tricky ladder to climb.

  • The Cannes Film Festival Can Be a Pretty Miserable Place

    Cannes is essentially just self-congratulation wrapped in lies and other people’s misery. While the festival supposedly exists to celebrate cinema as the most palatable form of high art, it’s really just a chance for the powerful to plod around...

  • 'Beasts of the Southern Wild' Star Saves an Iconic New Orleans Pastry

    Baker-turned-actor Dwight Henry is known for his breakout lead role in the Oscar-nominated film Beasts of the Southern Wild. I recently spoke with the New Orleanian about why he continues to straddle both worlds and how he saved the buttermilk...

  • Adventures in the North Korean Film Industry

    Kim Jong-il also loved giving white guys a chance on the big screen, as long as they were up for playing the white devil. It was inevitable that someone as fame-hungry as me would travel to the asshole of the earth just to have a crack a the whole...