What if My Jello-Ass Body is Too Weak for the Gym?

The gym is an intimidating place, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. A Swole Woman helps a jogger figure out where to even start.
Casey Johnston
3 days ago

Blink Fitness Members Are Just Realizing Their Gym Is Owned by a Trump Donor

Blink is a spinoff of Equinox, which became controversial when people realized its owner, Stephen Ross, was a major Trump backer.
Ashwin Rodrigues

Hacker Discovers Way to Cheat in Zwift, the Virtual Bike Racing Exercise Game

Security researcher Brad Dixon found a way to cheat Zwift, the half-game half-cycling trainer, into thinking he's a superstar athlete.
Joseph Cox

Opinion: 'The Biggest Loser' Pivoting to Wellness Is a Farce

The franchise's lasting, toxic effects can't be wiped out with a rebrand.
Susan Rinkunas

Get In Shape With Nihilift, Even Though Nothing Really Matters

‘The best way to get rid of pesky belly fat is to decompose. That will happen soon enough.’
Graham Isador

Everything You Learn Overnight at a 24-Hour Planet Fitness

What kind of monster goes to the gym at 2:30 AM on a Saturday? There was only one way to find out.
Steven Cooke

The Queer Personal Trainers Tackling Heteronormativity One Deadlift at a Time

"We know our community has more trauma around body dysmorphia and greater likelihood of depression… understanding it will go a long way in creating a culture of inclusivity."
Elyssa Goodman

Black Friday Special: 11 Ways to Find Inner Calm on the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year

Make Black Friday your own with these totally free ideas for how to spend the day without an iota of buyers' remorse.
Evie Carrick

The Boring Truths I’ve Learned About Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

It’s been 10 months since I took on drastic 80-day regimen to get abs. Here’s what has happened since.
Graham Isador
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I'm Hooked on $35 Fitness Classes and It's Embarrassing

I feel conflicted paying so much money for 45-minute exercise classes at SoulCycle and Pure Barre—all in the hopes of sculpting an ideal body. Here's why I keep going back and how I deal with the guilt.
Melissa Kravitz
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Don’t Buy This: You Don’t Need a Personal Trainer to Get a Good Workout

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars a month to have someone cheer you on, use free online resources and group classes to stay motivated and learn how to do exercises right.
Gina Ragusa

I Followed Mark Wahlberg's Ridiculous Daily Routine

Why does he wake up at 2:30 AM? Why does he snack so much? Why spend 90 minutes in the shower? There was only one way to find out.
Tom Usher