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Foreign intelligence

Canada still hasn't developed new rules for intelligence sharing with U.S. and allies

It’s been four years since a commissioner recommended Ottawa put more rules on its spying relationship with the Five Eyes. The Trudeau government says they’re still working on it.
Justin Ling

Canada Calls For Its Allies to Monitor Far-Right Extremism

“We need the clear-eyed recognition that terrorist threats do not emanate exclusively from savage outfits like Daesh, Al-Qaeda or the Taliban.”
Mack Lamoureux
going dark

The RCMP wants to build a 'new public narrative' on online surveillance, documents show

An RCMP memo lays out how the police force wants to rebrand and reframe the debate, as Justin Trudeau's government gets set to introduce legislation to amend C-51.
Justin Ling

We Spoke to Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister in Germany, Where No One Taps Phones

Even though Snowden docs prove that G7 forums are a popular venue for international spying, Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson isn't too concerned.
Justin Ling

The Guy Who Oversees Canada’s Cyberspy Agency Is Cash-Strapped and Worried

The Commissioner for the Communications Security Establishment says he's concerned he doesn't have the resources to oversee Canada's NSA.
Justin Ling

The Harper Government Still Thinks CSE Is Acting Legally

Even though we all know your downloads of Game of Thrones are getting snooped on right this second.
Justin Ling

We Learned Very Little about Canada’s Cybersurveillance Agency, CSEC, in 2014

Except for a new report, which shows they joke about monitoring hockey fans.
Patrick McGuire

Canada’s Cyberspy Agency, CSEC, Hijacks Computers Worldwide to Build Their Spynet

A string of new reports reveal that CSEC has been building a network of hijacked computers worldwide in order to advance its spying missions. But whose computers are they taking over in the name of Canadian national security?
Patrick McGuire
VICE Canada Conversations

VICE Canada Conversations: Ronald Deibert

VICE Canada's Managing Editor Patrick McGuire sat down with Ronald Deibert, Canada's foremost cybersurveillance expert. If you were ever curious about how and why our government monitors the internet, you should check this out.
Patrick McGuire

How Does CSEC Work with the World’s Most Connected Telecom Company?

While most of the Canadian media focused its attention on whether or not CSEC was spying on Canadians through free airport WiFi earlier this year, the mention of an American telecom giant, Neustar, in their leaked spy presentation raises several...
Patrick McGuire

Canada's Spies Are Out of Control

News broke recently that CSEC, Canada's NSA, was testing out a spying program on thousands of travellers in a major Canadian airport in 2012. Now the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association and digital rights group OpenMedia are suing CSEC for...
Christopher Malmo

CSEC, Canada’s NSA, Is Using Free Airport WiFi to Spy on Canadians

This morning, Ronald Deibert and U of T’s Citizen Lab released a bombshell story about CSEC from the Snowden files. Apparently the agency is using free Airport WiFi as a means to track Canadians as they travel throughout the globe.
Patrick McGuire