Flint Water Crisis


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Protestors dominate white supremacist event at Texas A&M, investigators suspect a refrigerator may have caused the Oakland fire, Michael Flynn's son forced out of Trump transition team, and more.


What It's Like to Live Through Flint's Water Crisis When You Don't Speak English

For Flint's Spanish-speaking population, many of the warning signs about the lead water crisis have gone unnoticed.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, US troops prefer Trump over Clinton, one person is dead and three injured after a man knifed train passengers in Germany, Facebook defends claim it censors conservative news stories, and more.


Moodymann Is Headlining a Party To Support Flint's Water Crisis

Dozens of Detroit techno and house DJs join together to help support the neighboring city in dire straits.


VICE Sports Q&A: Justin Forsett On NFL Players' Flint Water Crisis Relief Efforts

The Baltimore Ravens running back has organized a Flint water crisis relief effort among NFL players.


Flint's Water Crisis Is Leaving Undocumented Immigrants at Risk

Many of Flint's undocumented immigrants are too scared to visit the water distribution centers, for fear that someone will ask for ID.