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These Guys Played 'Premier League Manager 99' for a Thousand Seasons

In August of 2017, N.R. and L.C. finally finished the game, having reached the year 3000.
Francesco Sarchi
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How Would The Premier League Shape Up In The Aftermath Of Devastating Nuclear War?

We asked the people behind Football Manager to sim the variables of nuclear winter for us, but we suspect it was either too difficult or against their brand values.
Will Magee
Football Manager

German Team Takes Football Manager Game to Real Life

A lower-tier German club has allowed fans to vote on major decisions like signings, starting lineups, and ticket prices.
Sean Newell
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Including Brexit In Football Manager Is A Horrible Idea, And Precisely What We Deserve

Even when playing the latest edition of everyone’s favourite football simulator, we will be confronted by the grim misery of Brexit. You get what you vote for, we suppose.
Will Magee
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Championship Manager 99/00: Football's Answer to 'The Man in the High Castle'

While the new versions feature a re-imagined present, the beauty of Championship Manager 99/00 is that now, 17 years after the fact, it's all about an alternate past.
Tom Duggins
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The New Football Manager Game Moves the 2022 World Cup from Qatar to China

Maybe Sports Interactive just couldn't be arsed modelling a winter World Cup?
Callum Hamilton
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The Best Video Games That Came Out of Britain This Year

Twelve brilliant British-made games from the past year and a bit, arranged into a pretend prize shortlist, exclusively because it's something to do.
Mike Diver
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Role-Playing Games Have Been My Life Before I Even Knew What They Were

How I discovered the joys of a sometimes confusing, often trope-ridden genre.
Ian Dransfield
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My Obsession with a Fictional ‘Football Manager’ Megastar

When you spend nearly 750 hours of your life with someone they become important to you—even when they're a video game character named Ivica Strok who you made up.
Jonny Sharples