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Why Does This Man on 'Fox and Friends' Have So Many Eggs?

Why are multiple people at this Wisconsin diner tucking into ten-egg platters?
Jelisa Castrodale
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'Fox & Friends' Booked the Wrong Guest and Got an Anti-Trump Tirade

The morning show thought it had booked a pro-ICE Democrat. It was wrong.
Eve Peyser
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This Democrat Kissed His Husband in a Campaign Ad on Fox to 'Piss Off Trump'

It's a historic first for American political ads.
Drew Schwartz

I Joked I’d Rather My Daughter Date MS-13 Than the GOP and Now Everyone’s Mad

People were messaging me and in some cases threatening to murder me and my family—which is ironic considering I compared Republicans to a violent gang of criminals.
Harry Cheadle
Donald Trump

6 takeaways from Trump's wild "Fox and Friends" call on Melania's birthday

Even by Trumpian standards, the president’s call into "Fox and Friends" on Thursday morning was ranty and bizarre.
Alex Lubben
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I Watched 15 Hours of ‘Fox & Friends’ and I Want to Die

Trump's favourite show is now five hours long and starts at 4 AM. I watched all of it for three days and it was INTENSE.
Sam Weiner
Desus & Mero

Desus and Mero Discuss Donald Trump's Fixation with Obama

The VICELAND hosts break down the president's recent 'FOX & Friends' interview.
Sarah Bellman
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Trump Made America's Latest Terror Attack All About Himself

The Republican candidate said he should be a "newscaster" for calling the Chelsea explosion a bomb before the news did.
VICE Staff
The Recent Unpleasantness

The Recent Unpleasantness - Fox and Fogs

The future fogs of Fox News: "Earlier we reported that the GOP convention has been watched by two out of three Americans, moving millions of viewers to tears of joy. We may have confused this event with the 1983 series finale of 'M*A*S*H.' Blame the...
Sam McPheeters