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Shep Smith Is Leaving Fox News

The daytime anchor was a straight-ahead newsman in contrast to Fox News' opinionated primetime hosts.


Greta Thunberg is Scaring the Hell Out of Fox News

The network's hosts and guests won't stop insulting the 16-year-old climate activist.


The .01 Percent Freakout Over Elizabeth Warren Just Makes Her More Powerful

Wall Street is vocally unhappy with the idea of a Warren presidency. That's kind of the point.


Trump Says Polls That Show Him Losing ‘Suppress the Feelings’ of Voters

In an interview with Brian Kilmeade, Trump rated Fox News hosts on a scale of 1 to 10.


Fox News Hosts Think Minimum Wage Fast Food Workers Should Stop Complaining

"If you're nice to the people, you make a lot of money."


Weed CEO Backtracks After Repeating Claim About Fentanyl-Laced Weed On Fox

Canopy Founder Bruce Linton walked back the comments in an interview with VICE.


Why Does This Man on 'Fox and Friends' Have So Many Eggs?

Why are multiple people at this Wisconsin diner tucking into ten-egg platters?


How Fox News dominates Facebook in the Trump era

There's one clear winner in Facebook's ever-changing approach to news: Fox News and its pro-Trump message.


Bernie’s victorious Fox News town hall

Even Trump thinks last night’s town hall in Pennsylvania was a win for Sanders.


Watch Tucker Carlson Tell a Guest to 'Go Fuck Yourself' in a Wild Leaked Segment

"You tiny-brain—and I hope this gets picked up, because you’re a moron! I tried to give you a hearing, but you were too fucking annoying."


Erdogan threatens big reveal in Khashoggi case while Saudis keep changing their story

“On Tuesday, I will tell this very differently in my parliamentary group speech.”