Gas Companies Are Neighbours from Hell in This Rural BC Community

Farmington residents say tremors from nearby fracking feel like a truck crashing into your house at 60 km/h.


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BC Fracking May Be Exposing Pregnant Women to a Carcinogen, Study Says

Urine tests suggest higher than normal levels of a benzene near shale gas fields.


Nuclear Power, You're Our Only Hope

[Slowly backs out of the environmentalist room.]


Sabotage in oil country

Vandals racked up between $500,000 and $700,000 in damages to a pipeline earlier this month, near Hythe, Alberta, using construction equipment to dig up part of the pipeline, which was not operational and caused no spill.


How Much Money Would You Need to Be Paid to Have Your Garden Fracked?

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When Oil Boomtowns Go Bust

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How Badly Will US Exports of Crude Oil Hurt the Environment?

The reversal of the crude oil export ban is great news for oil and gas producers who've been hit hard by lower and lower prices for their goods in recent years. Unfortunately, it's terrible news for the rest of us.


A 4.6 Magnitude Earthquake in BC Was Caused by Fracking

It's the largest oil and gas-related quake in the province's history.