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Quebec’s Incoming Premier Defends Banning Religious Symbols But Leaving Crucifix Up

At this point, François Legault is just giving away the game.


Canada Needs to Lose Its Bizarre, Terrible, Regrettable Notwithstanding Clause

The rarely-used constitutional clause allows governments to opt out of court decisions. Many have long argued it was a disaster waiting to happen.


What the Canadian left can learn from Quebec Solidaire's campaign

It didn't win, but the socialist party tripled its seat count in an election that was anti-establishment.


Quebec's new leader vows to ban public servants from wearing religious symbols at work

François Legault promised to invoke the notwithstanding clause to ensure it happens.


What Can We Expect From Quebec's New Right-Wing Government?

François Legault's Coalition Avenir Québec has four years of majority government ahead of it.


François Legault's CAQ win a convincing majority in Quebec

This puts an end to the almost uninterrupted reign of the Liberal Party since 2003.


Quebec heads to the polls with immigration as a key issue

Voters cast ballots today in a race that has been too close to call.