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You Can Listen to an Entire EP of KFC Rockabilly Jingles by Fred Armisen Right Now, but Should You?

Nashville sounds for Nashville chicken.
Phil Witmer

Fred Armisen Can't Keep Track of the 245 Plus Characters in His Brain

'Portlandia' is coming to an end! What's up with 'Documentary Now!'?Why is he spending his 50th in a cemetery? We asked some questions and Armisen answered.
Jonathan Valania
Holy Shit

Watch Dinosaur Jr. Cover Neil Young's "Cortez the Killer" with Fred Armisen and Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo

Ranaldo reminisces on touring with Dinosaur Jr. in 1986.
Craig Jenkins
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Portlanders Are Putting 'No Californians' Signs on Houses for Sale

This particular act of low-impact vandalism might not be an indication of a simmering border dispute, but rather, the kind of boring hostility that the pretty-well-off have against the actually rich.
Mike Pearl
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Watch Jack Black in a New Clip from IFC's 'Documentary Now!'

Jack Black plays Jamison Friend, founder of a news media company called DRONEZ.
VICE Staff
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Literally Every Cool Famous Person Sing Along To Sleater-Kinney's "No Cities To Love"

It should really come with a NSFW warning, we're that excited.
Emma Garland
Instagram Report

What Musicians Were Wearing and Sharing on Instagram This Week 11/23

"Uh. So, you’re at the 1975 show with Ellie and Selena, and not to be weird about it, but they both came in black and you texted ahead to let them know what you were wearing…"
Emma-Lee Moss
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The Wild World of YouTube Drummers

YouTube: Where drumming freaks of nature can go to be famous.
Jonathan Diener

Ian Rubbish Calls Out the Margaret Thatcher Haters, from Morrissey to Billy Bragg

The legendary punk frontman opens up about band reunions, VICE, and chocolate cake.
Dan Ozzi