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Should People Have Called the Cops Over Cesar Sayoc's MAGA Van?

Last week's arrest of the 56-year-old Republican for allegedly mailing pipe bombs to Trump critics makes you wonder.


Fuck Nazi Metal Sympathy

On North Jersey's Nazi metal problem, and those fighting for a better scene (plus new tunes from Holy Grove, Glacial Tomb, Pijn, and more).


Laurier University Apologizes to TA For Jordan Peterson Censorship Drama

”The conversation I heard does not reflect the values and practices to which Laurier aspires.”


Quebec clarifies ‘burqa ban’: Veils allowed on buses but drivers must see faces first

"The law is not repressive and does not include sanctions," said Quebec Justice Minister Stephanie Valee


A Canadian student leader faces discipline for blasting 'white fragility'

"Targeting 'white people' who celebrate Canada Day is blatant discrimination," said complaint against Dalhousie student union vice president.


My Weird Battle to Get the President to Unblock Me on Twitter

I don't really know how I wound up here.


No-protest zone outside abortion clinics gaining momentum in Canada

Ontario is proposing a protest buffer zone for abortion clinics, similar to laws in other provinces


Desus and Mero Discuss Trump's 'Vanity Fair' Beef

The president-elect went on a Twitter rampage after a negative restaurant review of Trump Grill.


Porn Stars Worry That Trump Will Crack Down on the Adult Industry

We talked with porn stars Joanna Angel, Jesse Jackman, and Tasha Reign about the fear that Donald Trump's administration might try to chip away at First Amendment protections for pornography.


Texas Chancellor Sends Gentle Reminder that He Would Like Student Athletes to Respect the Flag

Somehow the Chancellor of University of Texas does not know what freedom of speech means.


How Bangladesh's LGBT Community Is Dealing with Threats and Machete Attacks

The war on the LGBT community—and free speech in general—in Bangladesh is intensifying with machete attacks from radical Islamists and censorship by the government.