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More journalists are being thrown in jail around the world for "fake news"

A new CPJ report blames Trump for the big spike in the past 2 years


Supreme Court rules against VICE in press freedom battle against the RCMP

The Supreme Court has upheld an RCMP order compelling VICE and reporter Ben Makuch to hand over source materials.


A Body-Slammed Reporter and the New American War on Journalism

After a Republican congressional candidate was charged with assaulting a journalist, it's time to get outraged—and worried.


How a Tragic Child Murder Case Became a Fight About Press Freedom

NYPD detectives called a toddler found in a cooler in 1991 "Baby Hope." To convict her cousin for the murder, they want a 'New York Times' reporter to testify about their jailhouse interview.


Donald Trump Banned the 'Washington Post' from His Campaign Events for Being 'Phony'

'Washington Post' joins several other media outlets banned by the GOP presidential frontrunner, including BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, and Politico.


Justin Trudeau’s First Test of Journalistic Freedoms: The RCMP vs. VICE

Our new prime minister has been unabashedly pro-journalist in his statements, but will he make legal protections for reporters a priority?


Why Do Bangladeshi Writers Keep Getting Murdered?

Bangladesh has never been an especially safe place for opposition writers, but things have begun spiraling out of control over the last two years.


Instead of Freedom, Canadian Mohamed Fahmy Faces a Retrial in Egypt

The family of Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy says Stephen Harper "failed us miserably" as Fahmy's imprisonment in Egypt drags on.


'Southern Weekly' and the Limits of Censorship in China

How a New Year's editorial in China's most liberal newspaper set off the Department of Propaganda, provoked many of the nation's journalists to strike, and laid bare the limits of China's control of the press.