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How the Furry Community Became a Safe Space for Youth

For teens who feel isolated or ostracized, the furry community is a place where they can come out and be themselves.
Kerry Neville

Even Furries Are Fighting Fascists

What's a community built on principles of extreme acceptance to do when actual Nazis show up in their midst?
Allie Conti

Furries Explain How They Developed Their 'Fursonas'

"Mukilteo was my first furry character, I had gotten this costume as a trade with another fursuit maker. This character is the bad dog. He wears a shock collar and he's a dog party advocate."
Zak Krevitt

Photos of the Fastest Growing Furry Convention in America

Views from the Biggest Little Fur Convention, a four-day furry meet up in Reno that attracted roughly 3,500 members of the furry fandom this year. Photographer Zak Krevitt documented the anthropomorphic fun and got familiar with the various fursonas.
Zak Krevitt

Drinking with London's Furries Taught Me Some Valuable Life Lessons

If these guys can proudly wander around central London dressed like sad cat-humans, why should I give a shit about what anyone thinks of me?
John Lucas

Offbeatr, the Kickstarter for Porn, Is a Furry Playground

Offbeatr wasn't founded to fund video games that let players bang aliens, or weekly comics featuring anthropomorphic animals with huge dicks, or extremely detailed illustrations of My Little Pony characters getting it on. But it turns out that those...
Mitchell Sunderland