Feedback from Museumgoers May Be Changing the Art World

Curators are paying attention to audiences at large.


Is a Gallery-Sharing Model the Answer to Art Fair Fatigue?

Saul Anton takes the tour of this year’s Condo New York, a joint venture from Lower East Side dealers Simone Subal and Nicole Russo that sees Manhattan galleries share their spaces with colleagues from around the world.


Twin Peaks' Tour Was the Ultimate "Cold Ones with the Boys" Experience

Crack open these behind-the-scenes pictures of the Chicago band's trek across the East coast.


Finck Different

"How's this for meta?" Illustrator Liana Finck views the viewers at last Thursday night's gallery openings in Chelsea.


Here Are the Nicest Photos from PartyNextDoor's Headlining Show at Rebel

Yes, definitely the nicest and not any other adjective.


Is the Future of Fine Art in Hollywood's Hands?

What happens when talent agencies, traditionally looking after Hollywood's elite, bleed into the world of artists and gallerists.


We Went to Dean Blunt's Private View Last Night

"It's funny and disingenuous in the same way that all the best Dean Blunt is funny and disingenuous."


Talking Cheap Art with Actor-Turned-Artist Leo Fitzpatrick

The former "Kids" star has now made a name for himself by opening galleries where none of the artwork is for sale.


The Premier Show

In the inaugural episode of TV Party, filmed on December 18, 1978, artist Robert Delford Brown stops by to talk about his art religion.


This Young Artist Is Obsessed with the Naked Bodies of Older Women

"Women are not supposed to show that they've lived. They're meant to be flawless and smooth. It's bullshit," says Aleah Chapin.


From Milan to New York, the Art World Is Celebrating Mike Kelley

Since the artist Mike Kelly died last year, a flurry of retrospectives have opened. An epic show co-curated by Emi Fontana currently runs at the HangarBicocca. In between summer travels, Emi took some time to talk about her first impression of Mike and...


David Shrigley Sees the Sign

David Shrigley's new show at the Anton Kern Gallery plays with semiotics and the concept of the utilitarian sign, shifting the frame of reference and messing with your expectations to humorous and thought-provoking results.