Only One Thing Can Save the Kevin Hart 'Monopoly' Movie

Our hope lies with director Tim Story, the guy behind some of the funniest movies of the early 2000s.


Fortnite Gamer Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting Girlfriend on Livestream

Other gamers called the police after witnessing the incident.


Ruthless New Game Includes Hopping, Hula Hoops, and Rock Paper Scissors

The kids are playing a new game called Hoop Hop Showdown, and it's cutthroat.


Cards Against Humanity Bought Border Land to Screw with Trump's Wall Plans

The game's newest promotion promises to deliver six "America-saving surprises."


China turned clapping for its president into a virtual game

The Chinese government won’t let its citizens Google search, like a  Facebook post, or watch a YouTube video — but if people want to virtually clap for their president’s speech, a new game them covered.


'Orglo's Monstrous Baseball,' Today's Comic by Alexander Laird

No one can tell Orglo how to play baseball, not even his dumb roommates. Orglo knows all.


Wiz Khalifa, Known Smoker of Kush, Announces Weed Farming Game

He says that 'Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm,' out on 4/20 will be “better than Pokémon."


Why Did We All Want to Kill Our Sims?

Remember taking the ladder out of the pool and leaving them to tire out and drown? Or intentionally setting their homes on fire and removing all the doors? This is why you did that.


Brendon Chung Says Disney’s ‘Talespin’ Inspired His New Heist Game

'Thirty Flights of Loving' and 'Gravity Bone' creator Brendon Chung offers insight into the inspiration and attitude behind his new game, 'Quadrilateral Cowboy'.


'Pokémon Go' Officially Launches in Canada, Losing Its Illicit Allure

Predictably, servers were crashed.


What Musicians Were Wearing and Sharing on Instagram This Week 6/19

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