We Reviewed Literally Whatever You Sent Us, Volume 22

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This Quebec Gamer Clan Really Wants You to Know They Hate Gay People

The group caused a social media firestorm by wearing shirts that said they "If you're gay, don't approach me, I'll kill you" in public.


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We take a look inside the private domains of the most unlikely game devotees—academics, musicians, writers—proof that everyone and anyone can be a gamer.


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We Spoke to the Minecraft Composer Who Makes A Living Off the Gaming Community

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The Greatest Video Game Ever Might Never Come Out

The last installment of the Half-Life series dropped in 2007. That's seven years of waiting for the promised, almost mythical, game from the developers at Valve.


Zoe Quinn Told Us What Being Targeted by Every Troll in the World Feels Like

The developer behind a weird, artsy video game called Depression Quest had her life thrown into disarray when she unwittingly became the clashing point in the gaming culture war. Now she's getting on with her life.


We Hung Out with Disappointed Nerds Outside of FanExpo in Toronto

FanExpo is Canada's largest convention for nerds who love video games, aliens, comic books, science fiction, anime, and horror. It's also a gigantic clusterfuck.