Gareth Bale


Dad Shoves Kid Goalie to Make a Save

Sometimes, just standing around on the sidelines isn't enough. You've got to get a piece of the action.
Liam Daniel Pierce
La Liga

Gareth Bale's First Goal Since November Was Simply Masterful

Maybe we should be giving Isco a little due credit too. Because that pass was the 'today's Gareth Bale goal' of passes.
Liam Daniel Pierce
football cliches and meaningless debates

Deconstructing The Arbitrary Debate Over ‘World Class’ Footballers

It seems that not a week goes by without an argument over a footballer’s ‘world class’ status. Here, we call out that frame of reference for being completely fucking pointless.
Will Magee
searching for the ultimate north london derby

Remembering the Greatest North London Derbies of Recent Times

With Arsenal about to meet Spurs for what promises to be one of the fiercest games of the season, we look back at their greatest clashes of recent times. Note: ‘great’ depends on perspective.
Will Magee
monopolies on welshness

​Welsh Football Team Not Welsh Enough to be Honoured at Welsh Cultural Festival

The Welsh national team will not be honoured at this year's Eisteddfod, because an Archdruid is upset that several players do not speak Welsh.
Jim Weeks

Welsh Beach Touch Rugby Match Turns Into a Brawl

This has been the summer of Wales. Why not celebrate it with a brawl during a beach touch rugby match?
Joseph Flynn
wales' heroics come to an end

Scenes of Pride and Devastation: Photographing London's Welsh Fans

Ahead of the biggest game in the history of Welsh football, we went to photograph Wales fans in London. The result was gutting, but the reaction one of complete acclaim.
Will Magee

Men in Blazers Celebrate Euro 2016 Semifinals: Recap Portugal vs. Wales, Preview Germany vs. France

From the Embassy Row studios in the Crap Part of SoHo, Rog and Davo relive the Euro 2016 semifinal billed as Ronaldo vs. Bale. Plus, a look ahead to Thursday's clash between the hosts and the defending World Cup champions.
VICE Sports

Men in Blazers' Gents of the Day: July 6, 2016

From the Embassy Row Studios in the Crap Part of SoHo, Rog and Davo choose their players to watch ahead the Portugal vs. Wales Euro 2016 Semifinal.​
Aanu Adeoye
wales reborn

For Welsh Fans, The Biggest Challenge is To Believe This is Real

Wales had genuinely come to believe that footballing success was something that only happened to other nations. Now that it's happening to them, the feeling is something close to shock.
Jim Weeks

Outsiders and Underachievers: Previewing Wales vs. Portugal

While Wales have been archetypal underdogs at Euro 2016, Portugal still seem like perennial underachievers. Whichever team can shake off their label and play with freedom will succeed.
Jonathan Wilson

The Collective or the Individual? Previewing Wales vs. Belgium

Belgium have the better players but Wales look to have the more coherent structure. Marc Wilmots' side are clear favourites, but Euro 2016 has been a tournament in which the team has tended to overcome the individual.
Jonathan Wilson